Youth Sports Guidelines

The current Youth Sports Guidance according to the California Department of Public Health specifies that stable groups or ‘cohorts’ of no more than 14 are allowed so long as they do not interact with other ‘cohort’ groups. That means all leagues and teams, regardless of the sport, are not currently permitted to have games, scrimmages, or non-physically distant training sessions under the current guidance provided by the State.

COVID-19 Interim Guidance for Youth Sports

COVID-19 Industry Guidance

Not to worry, we have a plan!

We will be hosting Saturday Clinics in stable pods or ‘cohort’ groups, coached by the licensed, professional coaches from the competitive side of the Force program. These Coaches have been hosting training sessions for our Club Players since June and are well versed in the safety protocols required under the California Department of Public Health Guidance for Youth Sports.

Teams or ‘Cohort’ Groups will be formed based on age and skill level. Should we receive any updated guidance from the State or County that allows competitions or scrimmages, we will immediately shift from clinics to games.